Flow Measurement

K33 1" Flow meter
Flow rate: 100l/min
Max pressure 10 Bar
3 Digital display

as above with 4 digits
Fill Rite 806 1" Flow Meter

Flow rate of 70l/min
Max pressure
500 PSI =3.4 Bar

K40 Mechanical Oil Nozzle Meter
1/2 inlet / outlet connection
for use on diesel & oil application
Fluid Monitoring System
Detects the static pressure generated by the fluid height by means of a tube inserted into the tank and displays the fluid level or volume.
Water Meters
Flow rate of up to 50l/h - 200l/h
40l/h - 200l/h
Max pressure 10 Bar Diesel, fuel & oil
K600 Flow Meter/ Pulser
Flow rate:
Max pressure
K600/2                 K600/3                 K600/3
60l/min                100ml/min           150l/min
70 Bar                  30 Bar                  20 Bar
3/4"                       1"                          1 1/2"
K700                         K900
250l/min                  500ml/min
20 Bar                      10 Bar
2"                               3"
K400 1/2" Flow Meter
Flow rate: 30l/min
Max pressure 70 Bar
LCD display
K24 Turbine Digital Meter
1" inlet / outlet connection
Can be used for diesel, oil & water
Remote Display
LCD 5mm, 8 digits
Pulse input
c/w wall mount brackets
Tokico Meter
Mechanical accuracy meters
Flow rate from 130l/min - 1000l/min
Pressure 10 Bar
Options air eliminator
Petrol Instruments
Volumetric measurement of liquids flowing through
a pipe. Custom designed for any application.
Sizes 1" - 14"
Turbine meters range from
3/4" to 12"
Digital turbine meter 40l/min,
pressure of 30 bar, 1" ports
3 Digital display
OGM Meter
Oval gear meters for oil,
pulsed versions available,
1' - 2" sizes


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