Lubrication Equipment

Oil Management System
Waste Oil Dispensers
65 - 115Ltr
With and without probes
Art 42070
Waste oil drainers for gravity
draining from under vehicle
Available in pit drain option

K400 flex hose
Super Waste oil Drainers
Waste oil drainers with
mounted tank: practical functional,
suitable for gravity draining of engine,
gearbox differential oil from all motor
vehicles placed on auto lift or pit.
Art 42000
Waste oil drainer kit
for 210Ltr drum for
gravity draining
Art 10805
Brake and clutch bleeding
device supplied with a set
of standard plugs
Drum Pumps
1:1, 3:1, 5:1, and 65:1
Independent mobile unit for
transferring oil. Self priming
12v pump/230v battery charger
220V Filter and transfer unit
for filtering water from diesel
and decontaminating oil
Art 35200/ Art 37100
210Ltr Oil drum trolley
dispensing kit air operated
With and without hose reel
Art 35280/ Art 37680
Oil suction drainer with 65Ltr
wheel mounted tank
equipped with lever gauge,
funnel and ant splash filter
ARt 64070
Air operated grease dispensing
trolley kit Available for
180kg/50kg/18kg drums
With and without hose reel

Art 60310
Manual grease dispensing
kit for 15-30kg
grease drums
Art 68113 / Art 68112
Manual operated foot and
lever type grease
dispensers with containers
Art 66888 / Art 66889 / Art 66740 / Art 66742
Grease dispensing control
guns and accessories
Diaphragm Pump

Series 260
Air/water reel plastic
enclosed version with hose
Art 8430. 400
Open oil grease hose
reel with fixed base and swivel
base mild steel and
stainless steel
available for 1/4" - 1/2" hose
Art 8540. 400
Open oil and grease hose
reel with fixed base and swivel
base mild steel and
stainless steel
Available for 1/4" - 1/2" hose
Art 83101
Enclosed mild steel hose reels
for oil and grease with fixed
base and swivel base
1/4"-1/2" hose
RAASM Bulk Hose Reel
150 bar rated 1" hose reel
for bulk diesel and
oil dispensing


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