Process Instrumentation

Differential press gauge to
measure filter resistance,
furnace draft, air velocity
Differential press controller
to measure flow, press,
air velocity

Explosion Proof Press Switch

To monitor & control pressures in explosion
proof areas

Handheld Thermoanemo Meter
To measure air velocities in
ducts and air conditioning
V6 Flow Switch
To monitor and control
air/water flows in
hazardous areas
VA Flow Meter
For measurement of small
flows of water/ air
Oil Monitoring System
provides accurate usage for all transactions of oils, antifreeze, screen wash etc. Giving complete control of all fluid issues and total stock controls.
Orifice Plates
To measure flows in pipes for
Sight Indicators
Measurement of air and
compartible liquids
V4 Flow Switch
Flow switch for larger size
pipes in explosion proof areas
for flow control
FS-2 Flow Switch
For control of air/water in
pipes up to 8 inch size
Ultrasonic Meter
For non invasive flow
metering of liquids
Continuous tank level
monitoring system, pc
interface for multiple tanks
Capacitive Level Switch
For measuring powder, bulk,
or liquids auto calibration
AC/DC versions
For measuring level of powder,
bulk and solids in bins and hoppers
Optical Level Switch ADPS


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