Fuel handling equipment

Oil dispensing equipment

Garage equipment

Fuel Handling Equipment

Self Service K44
Mechanical flow range
from 70 -90l/min. Equipped
with automatic nozzle.

Retail pumps & dispensers
– Large advertising surface
-High host masts
– 1 hose

Retail pumps & dispensers
– Large advertising surface
-High host masts
– 2 hose

Retail pumps & dispensers
– Large advertising surface
-High host masts
– 6 hose
– Hybrid options

Self Service Diesel Dispenser

MC Box
Fuel monitoring system, PC connection,
AC/DC versions.
Diesel, oil, Raps oil

Fill Rite 1211/2411
Same as 1210/2410 but
includes Fill Rite 807 meter
Flow rate 45l/min

Battery kit 12V/24V
Flow rate of 90-120l/min
Suction capacity of 2 meters
Power consumption 22 amps
/ 11amps. 4m hose
Self service 200 nozzle
2m cable c/w battery clips

Drum 2000 12V/24V
Flow rate 42l/min
Equipped with 2″ drum kit
nozzle holder telescopic
suction pipe hose and self
2000 nozzle Optional K33/K44 meter

Viscomat DC
Oil Transfer Pump
12V or 24V 3/4″ inlet &
outlet up to 10l/m

Piusi Battery kit
12v/24v pump kits c/w hose
and nozzle for diesel transfer

PICO Drum Pump Kit
Diesel transfer centrifugal pump unit
Available in both
AC/DC versions

Piusi Box 12/24V
Complete kit consisting of
all the tools required for transperring fuel.

Panther 220V Pumps Models Panther 56 + 72
Flow rate of 56l/min / 72l/min Power 220V/380 Vac
Inlet/outlet connections of 1″
Integral by-pass valve and 100
micron filter

Viscomat Gear
220V Oil Pump
High pressure
High Viscocity oils
up to 14l/m

Bi Pump 12V/24V DC
Flow rate of 85l/min
Current 35 Amps/18 Amps
Inlet/outlet connections of 1″
integral by-pass

E80/E120 Pumps
Flow rate of 75l/min /100l/min
Power 230V + 380V. Inlet/
outlet connections of 1″
Integral by-pass valve

Ref 1 and Ref 2
High pressure hose
Various sizes

Clear Braided Hoses
Various sizes

Silea API Coupler
Used in petrochemical industry
when dry couplig is required,
supplied with 4″
TTMA flange and made in
aluminium alloy

Silea API Adaptor
Adaptor for bottom loading
and top loading applications

Kanvalok Adaptor
Male tank unit available in
1.5″, 2″ and 3″. Aluminium or
Stainless steel, Teflon or
viton seals – flanged units also available

Fulcrum Dry Break