Manual Operated Dispenser

16, 24, 65 and 90l manual oil dispenser c/w bucket, hose and nozzle

Mobile Dispensing Unit

c/w Raasm pneumatic oil pump Drum trolley those reef Bung adapter and digital dispenser

Cowell Digital Bulk Meter

Flowrate 500 to 2500 litre/minute

Air Operated Diaphram Pump

Flow rate up to 500litres per minute

Manual Foot, Air Operated Grease Dispenser

Pedal-operated grease pump, high pressure, wheel-mounted.

E120 AC Pump

Flow rate up to 100l per minute PIUSI E120 is an electric pump for diesel transfer.

Electric Mobile Dispensing Unit

c/w Viscotroll 200/2 pump Suction and Delivery hose Drum trolley and digital dispenser

Flow Meters K33/K44

Gravity fed Flow rate: 20-120 litres per minute Max pressure 10 Bar 3 Digital display

Automatic/Manual Nozzles

Up to 280 litres per minute
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